Dealer Information, Terms, and Conditons

Skipco Auto Auction now has AuctionAccess. To get registered please call on of our CSR's to assist with linking your EDGE Pipeline account.

Please advise:
For dealer login support, please contact Matthew Haser by email: or by phone 330-983-0169 to help with setup. Dealerships who have their corresponding email's complete within our auction management system should have little to no problems registering. This is important as you will be able to monitor your inventory that is located at our facility. Thank you.

Online Sales:

We're currently listing on OVE, OpenLane, and SmartAuction. For details contact Matthew Haser at or 330-983-0169.

Please contact your representitive for buy/sell information.

  • Skipco Arbitration Addendum (Effective 03/01/21)

    Other than the following Skipco uses NAAA Arbitration Guidelines

    Units sold under $1,500 Dollars are “AS-IS; no arbitration” for Frame or odometer. Seller announcements supersede this policy.

  • Anything that you can Visually see is not Arbitratable
  • All salvage and towed units are NOT Arbitratable
  • Outer rocker damage is not Arbitratable 
  • Full frame cars, Inner/ Outer rockers not are NOT Arbitratable
  • Non-Structural frame items such as 5th wheels, hitches, exhaust mounts, jack dents on pinch rails are not Arbitratable
  • Vehicles cannot be arbitrated for windshield or auction catalog information
  • No arbitrations on Land Rovers, Porsche, Maserati, Bentley, Tesla, Ferrari, Lamborghini
  • No arbitrations based on AutoCheck or Carfax information
  • Arbitrations are based on a $600 dollar threshold, which will be figured using new or used parts and based on a shop rate of $65 dollars an hour.
  • All arbitration claims must be submitted to the Arbitration office 2 hours after the time of the sale.  Post sales must be ordered 2 hours after time of sale and come with a 7 day guarantee.
  • All Arbitrations will be charged a $35 dollar inspection fee
  • Green light – Gives you the opportunity up to 2 hours after the sale to arbitrate the unit for a issue that is over $600 dollars to fix

    Drivetrain Guarantee - Covers Motor and Tranny issues up to 2 hours after the sale that are over $600 dollars to fix

    AG / Skipco Buyer Confidence Guarantee- Red light Cars only, Motor and Tranny Drivability Guarantee until Monday at 6pm

    IF Bids rules-     Dealer Lanes Monday at Noon

                   Public Lanes Monday at 5pm

    PSI’s     7-day = $95

    14-day = $165

    Frame Check = $35


    Dealers Have 10 days to Produce Titles


  • Frame and unibody damage
  • Road test for drivability and function
  • Verify odometer operation
  • Check 4x4 engagement
  • Check ABS and brake function
  • Inspect for paint work current model year and newer
  • Inspect for flood damage
  • Inspect for supplemental restraint/air bag presence
  • Inspect for presence of emission control equipment

Per NAAA Guidelines:
Coverage on defects that are singularly $500.00 or more and applies to the
purchasing dealer only and is non-transferable.


Please call for towing quotations. 1-800-824-7881 x349

Reconditioning Services

Full Detail: Cars & Trucks, Vans, SUV's

  • Degrease Engine
  • Pressure Wash Exterior, Engine, & Wheels
  • Windows
  • Buff/Wax
  • Dress Tires
  • Shampoo Interior

Mini Detail: Cars & Trucks, Vans, SUV's 

  • Wash
  • Towel Dry
  • Vacuum Interior
  • Clean Glass
  • Dress Tires

Sale Day wash and towel dry