Public Terms and Conditions

By virtue of a security agreement all vehicles for sale are in "as-is" condition, free and clear of all liens and encumbrances. All banks reserve the right to withdraw any vehicle from bidding. No express or implied warranties or representations whatsoever.


Sale terms: $200.00 cash down at the time of bid. Two working days to complete transaction by cashier or certified check with full purchase price. Failure to complete this transaction within two working days will result in forteiture of the $200.00 and all future buying rights.

If a unit is on an "If-Sale," a deposit is still required.

Buying at an auction is a very different experience from buying a car from a dealership. At Skipco Auto Auction we will try to do our best to ensure that you have a pleasant buying experience. 


Lanes available to public bidders

  • Lane 1 - Letters A, M, T
  • Lane 2 - Letters B, C

Some Helpful Tips for Bidding on a Vehicle

  • Come Early 
    • To best get a feel for the auction, come once or twice just to see how things work. 
    • Unlike many other auto auctions, there is no admission charge to get in.
    • The auctioneer goes fast! But, it only takes a few cars to get to easily understand the pace of the auctioneer.
    • Skipco strongly recommends that young children are left at home. Children under 12 years of age are prohibited on sale day! There are many things going on at once, most of which involve large vehicles. It is not an environment for young children.
    • Know what you want to bid on before you bid 
      • Look over the types of cars you like, take note of their book value (NADA, Kelly Blue Book) and know about how much you want to spend on them.
    • Inspect It Carefully
      • Come on in Thursday before 5pm or Friday night before the auction we are open till 7pm and thoroughly look over the unit. 
      • Bring a flashlight. Some of the units are outside and it gets dark out quick in the winter. Even though our lot is lighted, you'll want to be able to look under the hood, and underneath it. 
    • Plan How You're Going to Make Payment 
      • Skipco Requires a $200 cash deposit for all regular public bidders immediately after you win the bid on a unit whether it is "Pending Approval" or "Sold". (Bring $200 Cash if you plan on bidding on a unit or $200 Cash for each unit if you plan on bidding on more than one!)
      • Buyers fees are tiered. To view current fees, come in and have them printed with your registration.
      •  Additional $35 buyer’s fee for online purchases on simulcast.
      • No Buyers fee for US Marshal’s cars purchased.
      • The remaining balance is due within 2 business days in the form of a Cashier’s Check or Money Order. We do NOT accept cash for the final payment.
      • ALL vehicles "SOLD" on the block and not paid for by 6:00pm on Tuesday will automatically be charged a $25 late fee and purchasers are subject to default of sale and loss of bidding rights. Vehicles purchased "ON APPROVAL" will be given 48 hours from time of approval to complete payment, after that time a late fee equal to your buy fee will be imposed and purchasers are subject to default and loss on bidding rights. THIS POLICY APPLIES TO ALL PURCHASERS.
      • Skipco does not offer financing, it is your responsibility to get pre-approval before you bid on a vehicle. Skipco does work with several financial institutions, lists are available on location.
  • Register to Bid
    • See our Registration Info for more information about registering for the auction
  • Raise Your Hand and Bid High!
    • Watch for the unit you want to bid on to come up.
    • All motorcycles, boats, campers, RV's, ATV's, and other specialty units are sold in the same lane as B at 9:00AM.
  • Win the Bid
    • The bid will conclude one of three ways, it is either Sold, Sold Pending Approval, or No-Sale.
      • Sold: You won the bid and can pay for the car. 
      • Sold-Pending Approval: We must call the bank and approve the bid before selling the unit. There is now a deposit required on this type of sale. We will contact you when we receive a answer from the bank. PLEASE BE SURE WE HAVE A CURRENT DAYTIME PHONE NUMBER!
      • No-Sale: The unit had a much higher minimum as set by the bank and could not be sold for the final bid. 
        o If you win the bid, immediately come up to the podium to show the clerk your bidder number and give your deposit.
      • The clerk will give you a "Bid Sheet" that confirms your bid and bid amount. You can use this to obtain temporary tags at your local BMV. Skipco does not issue temporary tags.
      • The total amount due will be shown on the Bid Sheet. You will need to obtain this amount and bring it into the office within two business days.
      • We are open until 2pm on Saturday's.
      • To do this, immediately after leaving your deposit, go to your local BMV to get temporary tags. The closest BMV is in Massillon on Wales Rd (Rt. 241). After getting the temp tag, obtain a certified check or money order(s) for the balance of the vehicle and bring it into the office at Skipco.
      • If paid for on Saturday, the keys will be given to you at that time and you are free to take the unit.
      • The title will be then mailed to you, or can be held at the window to be picked up.
      • You have the option of paying within two full business days after the auction.

      • ________________________________________

        Remember, It is the buyer's responsibility to carefully inspect each unit before bidding on it at the auction. Everything we sell is sold "As-Is". 

        Because of insurance reasons, the vehicles can only be started; customers are not permitted to drive the vehicles at the auction.


Vehicle Grading

Vehicle grading is a generic scale from 0.0 to 5.0 (5.0 being the best). It's used to create an overall vehicle rating which considers aspects like: year, mileage, damage, and tires. If the unit shows it's a 3.0 rating, the unit may not have been graded yet as this is the default rating.


  • A 2010 Ford F150 has some damage to panels, runs, and is moderate in miles: it may have a rating of 2.5 to 3.5.
  • A 2002 Buick LeSabre with heavy damage and runs rough will likely have a rating of 1.0 to 2.0.

It's always advised to check out the units before time of sale to better determine your rating of a unit and come to your own conclusion since this system is meant as simply a reference or guide.